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Small but mighty

The 7x7 House
"Enriching Life within a Modest Living Area."


We envision a compact yet aesthetically pleasing home at first sight. Thus, we've chosen an iconic house form with a protruding roof dormer to soften its solid presence. 



Inside, the ambiance is gentle and warm, with pockets of greenery sprinkled throughout, introducing a touch of freshness. This creates a harmonious and organic atmosphere, even when surrounded predominantly by concrete structures. 


Every space holds significance, neither too much nor too little. Everything is in its perfect balance, just right in its adequacy.


A quaint plot of land, measuring 28 square wah (or 112 square meters), has been passed down to its current owner. Located in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit 49 alley, it's in close proximity to all kinds of amenities available both day and night.


Given the size of the land and the width of the public road in front, when various setback regulations are applied, the remaining space for the house is roughly 7 meters by 7 meters (7x7).


The owners intend to build a home for their small family, consisting of a mother, father, and one young child. In the foreseeable future, the owner also plans to move to a larger residence.


With this in mind, we've derived a dual-purpose concept for this home:

Firstly, it serves as a residence where the owner can live and raise their young child. Secondly, it's designed to be a property that can be rented out to foreigners in the area, providing a future source of income for the family.


Therefore, when considering the owner's family needs, the design must also anticipate the "rhythms and patterns" of use that would be suitable for potential renters from Japan or Europe.


The home should embrace natural light and ensure efficient ventilation. At the same time, it's imperative to maximize privacy, especially given its close proximity to the main road.


The design team suggests creating a buffer from external disturbances by designing a facade, which doubles as a roof for the carport. This facade not only defines the home's appearance but also acts as a garden screen to provide privacy. When viewed from indoors, this garden becomes the wellspring of tranquility and greenery, enhancing the living experience within.


"Life begins on the second floor," as the first level is dedicated to parking and the primary service areas of the home.


On the third floor, the bedrooms are meticulously planned. Every piece of furniture is tailored to fit perfectly, optimizing space and minimizing unnecessary circulation within the rooms. This design grants each bedroom a dedicated ensuite.



When incorporating roof access stairs for maintenance or solar panel installation, the area in front serves as both a shrine and can also accommodate exercise equipment, such as a treadmill.




Project: 7x7
Type: Compact residence

Architect: INchan atelier

Location: Sukumvit49, Bangkok, Thailand

Area: 237 sq.m.

Principal architect: Intanon Chantip
Photographs: Something architecture, ADDCANDID

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