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A Hidden Bird is Often Heard  

Edward Gorey, profoundly reflects our belief and vision - "the quietly graceful environment"

      An architectural design studio founded in 2002 under the direction by INTANON CHANTIP, INchan atelier is meant to be a collaborative working space where a group of design and technical practitioners can develop ideas and share their skills to make change for the better "environment", architecture, interiors, landscape, graphics. Here we allow the processes of researching, brainstorming and fabricating to define our design directions as well as design solutions. We are eager and passionate to get our design at its best performance out of well-designed details. Over the years, INchan atelier design has been covering a wide range of project types at any scale, from a private residence, commercial building, institutional facility to project development planning.




       We take this term, "refinement", seriously as our core attitude. It resonates with our practice in design through senses, care, attention, effort, and time management. Through the refinement process, we believe that the functional value of design will gain more meaningful value and gradually reaches some sort of spiritual value. The outcome of refinement needs not many words to describe. It is something that differentiates the good and the great. And it is certainly universal.




Thinking & Making

      We are fully aware that good design is not a one-man-show kind of work, but rather a result of good performance in team working. We naturally allow thinking and making processes to potentially inspire back and forth in our design. Therefore working closely with builders and fabricators as parts of our team is significant because this will certainly push the design forward in ways of challenging the use of materials, new possibilities from fabrication techniques, creating more choices in budget spending, and so on. 



Harmonious environment


      Our goal in doing design is to create a harmonious environment that nurtures good qualities of life for all kinds of being. It is, in fact, the fundamental responsibility we are committed to take. All elements we put in our design has to correspond to each other and to achieve such a goal; meaning about the physical and the perceptual conditions from the building forms to the shape of doorknob, from the chosen textures and colors to the quality of natural lighting under different times, from the roughness of steel and concrete to the moisture and sounds of the trees and water, etc.

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