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Great Ocean Rice co.,ltd

          This is a renovation for a 30-year old office building as part of a rejuvenation plan for the company. The design brief is very simple, “a Thai brand meets global standards,” in which the new environment should also set a productive working culture for the company. The design tasks are broken down into several parts: (1) the next ew fence and the front gate with a security booth of the company’s property, (2) a new facade design and work spaces on the first and second floors of the existing office building as well as an additional elevator structure, (3) a small canteen building for the administrative staff, and (4) a new public toilet building. Such tasks require us to quickly comprehend the work flow, the management structure as well as the staff activities within a day in order to come up with a proper design. After settling with the new floor plan diagram , our design simply focuses on 2 approaches : one is to introduce clear and clean modern geometrical language through the use of vertical lines for the service facilities and the horizontal grid pattern for the office building. The other approach is to emphasize on the company’s identity by the new corporate color pallet - White 60% (the hygienic quality), Light Grey 20% (the innovative looks), Bright Green 10% (the environmental concern) and Light Wood texture 10% (the touch of nature). Moreover, the design tries to employ lighting design to help manage the spatial perception by separating the suspended building systems in the dark upper part as opposed to bringing natural and artificial lights at the lower part for the work space.




Project: Great Ocean Rice co.,ltd
Type: Commercial
Architect: INchan atelier
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Photographs: Poompat

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