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Steps with Theresa


The plain objective of this building is to make a new settlement for a com- munity as well as to make a concrete long-term investment. So we have to conduct this project on parallel lines; (1) to define the feeling community and (2) the feasibilities of making an invest- ment; that is to say this community has to be able to sustain itself financially in a long run. It is not to mention about a major participation from PTT Plc. in ways with its CSR considerations – a big cooperation who is deeply con- cerned with “Sustainability in Action”.

We have broken down the given re- quirements into 3 categories based on their functional characteristics. The first category is, of course, the STEPS’s facilities. Another is the various types of space for rent where they are sup- posed to generate income/return to the investment. And the last one is all the supporting and service facilities in- cluding the circulation of this buialding. However what we attempt to do is to find out how to merge them, to weave the spaces, in order to create a sense of community.




Project: Yada Roll Building
Type: Commercial
Architect: INchan atelier
Location: Bangpakong, Thailand

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